Year: 2023
Director: Sami Battikh
Genre: Live Show


Kurdish-Dutch musician Naaz is defending her debut album Never Have I Ever at the Eurosonic festival, exactly one week after its release!

Naaz was first discovered in the Netherlands with the tracks ‘Catch Me’ and ‘Words’ and the EP Bits of Naaz. Her first productions earned the young musician numerous awards (including an Edison Award, the holy grail of the Dutch music industry) and the chance to open for Jessie J and Arcade Fire. This was a nice return, as Naaz’s family did not always support her aspiration to become a musician.

It took Naaz four years to create the successor to Bits of Naaz. And miracle! The album Never Have I Ever was released exactly one week before her performance at Eurosonic. A doubly symbolic date, since it also represents Naaz’s reunion with the stage, three years after her last concert.

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