Municipal Waste

Year: 2023
Director: Adeline Chahin
Genre: Live Show


Thrash metal band Municipal Waste are set to rock Hellfest 2023 with their seventh album, Electrified Brain, released in 2022.

Since the year 2000, Municipal Waste has distinguished itself by its boundless energy and incisive riffs. Hailing from Richmond, the band, led by singer Tony Foresta and guitarist Ryan Waste, boasts influences bordering on thrash and hardcore punk such as D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer.

Municipal Waste are also known for their mutinous, party-going character, as well as for their offbeat lyrics, usually about alcohol, thrash metal… or mutants. In 2007, they released their third album, The Art of Partying. A direct reference – with a slightly happier title – to Death Angel’s The Art of Dying.

Never short of a sense of humor and self-deprecation, the band sets the mood and demonstrates a hell of a sense of showmanship at every concert. Rebellious to the core, its members also created controversy in 2016 by wearing a T-shirt depicting Donald Trump shooting himself in the head.

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