Year: 2023
Director: Larry Ismail, Marie-Laure Blancho, Paul Combaluzier
Genre: Live Show


The talented and committed rapper Médine is in Bâtiment B!

His biggest battle is with himself. This is certainly why Médine, the great rapper from Le Havre, feels like he is “featuring himself” on his latest album “Médine France” (2022). As the lyrics flow, and thanks to his acid rhymes and quality instrumentals, Médine does not mince his words and analyses what makes up his French identity. The long format concludes in apotheosis with the posse cut (a track without a chorus by more than 4 artists) “La puissance du Port du Havre”, mixing genres and generations of performers, all of whom come from the city.

The Bâtiment B collection, presented by Oxmo Puccino

Waxed concrete mailboxes, a brand new building hall, an immaculate white staircase, you are with Oxmo Puccino in the Bâtiment B hall.
A beat sounds, Oxmo sits on his staircase and begins a spoken word between rapping moods and praising the guest artists. In a series of live performances, interviews and unpublished features, he and his guests examine the creative process and highlight the links between rap, poetry, pop and… French chanson!

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