Year: 2022
Director: Laurent Hasse
Genre: Live Show


Matmatah set the Glenmor stage on fire for the 30th anniversary of the Vieilles Charrues! 

Matmatah and the Vieilles Charrues is a long love story that goes back to 1998, the year the band played for the first time at the festival a few weeks after the release of their first album “Ouache”. They made the festival vibrate with songs such as Lambé An Dro, l’apologie, Emma, so many titles that have become intergenerational classics today. That evening, Matmatah entered the history of Vieilles Charrues and this performance marks the beginning of a unique relationship between the festival and the group from Finistère. For the 30 years of the festival, it is with an immense joy that Matmatah reinvests the big stage for the sixth time of their career to offer us a unique concert.

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