Les Sheriff

Director: Valentine Gautier
Genre: Live Show


With thirty-five years of experience, the band Les Sheriff is getting ready to make a seriously loud French punk rock sound at Hellfest.

Les Sheriff go back a long way: formed in 1984 under the sun of Montpellier, the punk rock band continues to squat the stages and the playlists. Proof of this is that they released their latest album Grand Bombardement Tardif in 2021 on Kicking Records. In 2018, they were also on stage at Hellfest. 

However, after a remarkable career, which some describe as having influenced the French punk rock scene, the band had decided to split in 1999. After opening for artists like the Ramones (to whom they are sometimes compared), the Sheriff had decided to give up their badge. It was only thirteen years later, during an exceptional concert in their home town, that the Sheriff returned. The performance, thanks to the enthusiasm of their public, will give place to the reformation of the group. 

Ten years later, the Sheriff are still around. With eight albums to their credit, the Montpellier-based band is well established in the French punk scene. They will know their apogee with the album Soleil de plomb, released in 1993. Since then, we have never stopped taking pleasure in shouting the lyrics of their songs, such as “Jouer avec le feu” (Playing with fire), “À coup de batte” (Batting with a bat) or “Les deux doigts dans la prise” (Two fingers in the socket).

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