Le Villejuif Underground

Year: 2020
Director: Gautier & Leduc
Genre: Live Show


Between transgression and emotion, Le Villejuif Underground returns La Cigale of its abrasive rock with a boiling concert at Culturebox Festival 2020.

Le Villejuif Underground imposes itself as a UFO within the French music scene. Incarnated by Nathan Roche, Australian adventurer and poet (solid curriculum vitae), and his companions Adam, Antonio and Thomas, “Le Villejuif” scours the bars, stages and streets of the city in search of sensations and inspirations that shape their stories. These stories are told with their music in a garage, with no label, sometimes rock, sometimes surf, but above all instantly identifiable. A sound experience to live with their latest EP, released during the confinement, ” Les Huîtres à Cancale ” on Born Bad Records. A tasty iodized listening!

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