Year: 2022
Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


The most exciting electroclash duo of France is back! Kittin and The Hacker set Nuits Sonores on fire with a hybrid show mixing live and DJ set. Kittin and The Hacker like their techno like others like their chocolate: very dark. Chilling beats, sulphurous atmosphere, new wave influences… in addition to their city of birth (Grenoble) the two artists share a deliciously dark and suffocating universe. It is the hits ” 1982 ” and ” Frank Sinatra ” which seal at the end of the 90s the first collaboration between Kittin and The Hacker, propelling both artists to the pantheon of the clubs. These two hits were combined in 2001 in the aptly named First Album. Eight years later, the Grenoble-based duo got back together to forge the opus Two. The success of this second partnership leaves the night owls in expectation: they want more! They will have to wait thirteen years before enjoying Third Album, a new sonic nugget. We find our two techno producers with a background of new wave singers at Nuits Sonores. There, they transform the old Fagor-Brandt factories into a cathedral of fire and ice. Notice to aficionados of thermal shock.

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