Khouyoul – Kabinet K & l’Art Rue

Director: Denis Caïozzi
Genre: Live Show


The creation Khouyoul is a commission from the Association l’Art Rue to the Belgian company Kabinet K. After having attended a performance of Horses, Selma and Sofiane Ouissi, the founders of the Association l’Art Rue, asked the choreographers to recreate Horses entirely for the Tunisian territory.

Beauty and tenderness to deconstruct violence and end on a note of hope. Khouyoul is part of the program “Deconstructing Violence through Art” because it crystallizes all our concerns and hopes for our children and symbolizes all our expectations for a harmonious relationship filled with respect and trust between adults and children.

This show full of tenderness breathes the joy of living, proposing an adult-child relationship that we dream for the world and for our Tunisia. It is a hymn to freedom and a breath of hope for a better world.

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