Director: Adeline Chahin
Genre: Live Show


Kadavar is the time machine to go back in time in a rock’n’roll way! The trio transports the Hellfest to the 70’s. Bell-botom trousers mandatory.

Lupus, Tiger and Dragon: the three Berlin musicians of Kadavar have chosen names of creatures as ferocious as their riffs and their rhythmics. With a fearsome groove, a retro look and an epic breath, the trio ignores all musical conventions.

The three bearded men from Berlin are indeed analog fans and draw with an impressive thoroughness from the history of rock: a must for fans of doom, space rock, proto metal and bands like Pentagram, Black Sabbath or Hawkwind. In short, attending a Kadavar concert is like attending a lecture on the history of rock (only a little louder).

So, for the nostalgic and the fans of psychedelic influences: this Kadavar concert at the Hellfest Open Air Festival is made for you! Especially since the trio will test for the first time on the audience the sounds from the album For The Dead Travel Fast, released in October 2019.

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