Year: 2023
Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


Jon Batiste is taking up residence at Ground Control! The flamboyant Louisiana native takes this opportunity to introduce us to the lush universe of his sixth album: World Music Radio.

A child prodigy from New Orleans, Jon Batiste started out as a jazz pianist. A double graduate of the famous Julliard School, he has since gone on to become an actor in the series Treme, a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, a film music composer and the resident musician on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. His hyperactivity has been rewarded: the musician won (among other awards) an Oscar for the soundtrack to Soul in 2021 and five Grammys in 2022. Jon Batiste is also the second black composer in history to have won an Academy Award, an honour shared with none other than Herbie Hancock.

With his funky voice and warm flow, this eclectic musician, who likes to embellish his solos with Chopin or Debussy, is evolving towards a broad spectrum, mixing pop, soul, rap and more. This is the spirit of his opus World Music Radio, a rich soundtrack of cosmopolitan collaborations, from which Jon Batiste performs extracts for Ground Control. A concert of festive energy, boosted by a solid orchestra and the feverish vocals of Alani Gibbon.

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