Joachim Kühn Solo

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


“Let’s avoid listing here the plethora of musicians he has played with: it would be better to list those he has never played with… Always in search of experimentation, the pianist Joachim Kühn has participated in the invention of European free jazz, flirted with jazz-rock, composed a few symphonies, reinvented a reading of Bach’s motets and, recently, borrowed a new caravan with musicians from the Sahara… A journey through which the whole history of modern jazz is outlined. In the midst of this harvest of the most diverse experiences, the risk of getting lost was great. However, Joachim Kühn has always been able to preserve his unique “voice”. The recourse to the piano solo allows him, along the way, to find himself alone, facing himself.””
 Marc Sarrazy”

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