Jeanne Added

Year: 2022
Director: Gautier&Leduc
Genre: Live Show


Jeanne Added is one of the most beautiful pop revelations of these last years. The phenomenon presents her new album By Your Side on the set of Ground Control.

Originally trained in jazz, Jeanne Added left everything at the turn of the 2010s to launch herself into rock and pop. A small revolution that allows her to compose, write and perform her own songs, with the help of Dan Lévy (The Dø’s good fairy) and gave birth to the superb album Be Sensational. In this opus, the singer with a new-wave look shows an elegant mix of strength and sensitivity, all put at the service of eclectic compositions.

2019 is the year of consecration for Jeanne Added with a double award at the Victoires de la musique, in the categories female artist and best rock album for Radiate. It is therefore surrounded by success that Jeanne Added could work on a new opus. Thus was born By Your Side, a nugget with more soulful colors than its predecessors, released in October 2022 and to be discovered on the set of Ground Control!

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