James “Blood” Ulmer Phalanx Revisited

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


He was nicknamed the “Blues Preacher”, the son of a pastor, to whom his father taught the rudiments of a blistering guitar and who today holds the secret of elaborating the essence of the blues. He was also nicknamed “Captain Black”, the privileged partner of Ornette Coleman in the 70’s, when the saxophonist decided to electrify his orchestra and passed on other secrets. James “Blood” Ulmer has always been the initiator of a sulphurous “free funk”, as connoted as free of its attachments, as rooted as uprooting. In particular in the Eighties, with this all-stars of rebels to the new conservative order or “neo-bop”: Phalanx. His companions of then, George Adams, Sirone and Rashied Ali, being all prematurely deceased, the guitarist revives with a new crew of buccaneers their memories of fire, those of the Fire Music.

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