Year: 2023
Director: Sami Battikh
Genre: Live Show


After Denmark, the singer Jada is about to conquer the world! Discover this rising artist at the Eurosonic festival.

It only took one song to make Jada the darling of the Danish public: at the time of writing, the song “Keep Cool” has almost eight million views on Youtube. This success has paved the way for I Cry A Lot, a debut album to be released in 2019, which has also been very popular.

Jada captivates with her light voice, hip-hop-infused pop and heartfelt lyrics. In her songs, the artist does not hesitate to tackle themes such as disappointment in love, betrayal, mutual aid, etc. This devilishly effective cocktail has enabled Jada to be awarded several times at the P3 Guld, a ceremony that crowns promising young Danish singers.

In 2022, Jada was back in the news with the release of a second album called Elements. A release that lived up to expectations and confirmed the artist’s growing place in the new Nordic scene!

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