Year: 2019
Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Same band, same place: two years after our first meeting, it’s with an undisguised pleasure that we have a new appointment with the Lyon-based J-Zbel. So, let’s go to the Anciennes usines Fagor-Brandt to meet the local kids in a deliciously underground live. The least we can say is that the three members of J-Zbel like mystery. Unknown identities, masked faces, resolutely underground spirit… At a time when everything is known and information circulates at the speed of light, the trio cultivates the culture of secrecy. Who is hiding behind J-Zbel? After all, it doesn’t matter. What matters is their music, a breakbeat mixed with techno, 90’s sounds, trance, jungle, acid house… A nice little cocktail that gives birth to devilishly efficient live performances. Desire of independence obliges, J-Zbel created a few years ago his own label called Brothers From a Different Mother. On this label, the trio has released a handful of albums with particularly flowery names: How I Made My Mom & Sis My Sexbot Slaves, Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt and Rends the Money.

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