Island of no memories

Year: 2012
Director: Philippe Gasnier
Genre: Live Show


What remains of us when we have forgotten everything?
Isidora is an island that looks, in its appearance, very like our world. There, the only thing different is the everyday life because its inhabitants have no memory.
None of them know their name, where they live, who is their family: they all possess the same things, they all share the same points of reference; carelessness is the main feature there. By imagining this island, Kaori offers her own perspective on the concept of freedom, or on the way history and memories can prevent human beings from letting things go.

Télérama: Philippe Dwécouflé, James Thiérrée, Alain Platel…They all succumbed to the charm and talent of the Japanese dancer and choreographer Kaori Ito. No surprise here. She multiplies collaborations with the generosity and inventively that make great performers.

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