Director: Alexandre Buisson
Genre: Live Show


IDLES, violent but not cruel
“For the last time, we’re not a fucking punk band” – chants the band’s singer, Joe Talbot. What is IDLES made of, then?
The band was born in 2009, led by Joe Talbot and Adam Devonshire (bass). Quickly stamped “post-punk”, it offers a first album in 2017 entitled Brutalism, which does not help to free itself from this label. We find, indeed, a music eager to slam and rattle. Sounds that hit us with syncopated triques. A pattern that can be found in the band’s latest album, Act of Resistance released in 2018. Even if the titles can be misleading, like “Love Song”, the sweetness, here, certainly did not take the step… For our greatest happiness!

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