Ida Nielsen

Year: 2019
Director: Carine Zuber
Genre: Live Show


Ida Nielsen’s star sparkled when in 2010 Prince invited her to join his line-up NPG and then later 3rdEyeGirl. And that for a good reason, because the Dane has laid claim to Funk with all that one needs: slap, fingerstyle, improvisation, sound and stage presence. However, it would be unfair to reduce Ida Nielsen’s musicality to only that of 3rdEyeGirl because for years she has not only played in many different formations, but is also underway with her own project. In 2019 Ida released her third album “Time 2 Stop Worrying”, which features a mix of oldschool Funk with Hip-Hop, Reggae and a hint of World Music. And, of course, always with lots of bass!

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