Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Year: 2016
Genre: Live Show

The U.S. ambassador to Mexico did not hesitate to consider their activities as valuable as a genuine diplomatic mission. Their activities? Spreading the funk. How to present this furious band that plays a music of now, hypnotic because it is resolutely of the moment, as these frenzied players of trumpets, trombones and sousaphones (of brass and horns of plenty) like to repeat, if not as the most ruffling and the most explosive appeared since the beginning of the millennium? Smove, Hudah, Baji, Yosh, Clef, Cid, Rocco and Tycho have seduced Mos Def or Damon Albarn, Prince or Erykah Badu. They were educated in music, by music, for music, to preach the good word of an energetic “afro-free-funk-rap” on the circus stage, their Promised Land.

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