Hangman’s Chair

Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Live Show


Hangman’s Chair, a critically acclaimed band from Paris, will once again take the Hellfest’s audience into its dark limbo. 

Hailing from the Essonne region of France, the sludge and stoner metal band Hangman’s Chair tirelessly carries its audience away in its dark, sometimes merciless universe. 

With a first album released in 2007 – (A Lament for…) The Addicts) -, Hangman’s Chair quickly got the praise of the critics. The band then started to play regularly with artists like Eibon, God Damn, Rising Dust or Arkangel. They also opened for international bands like Heavy Lord, Alabama Thunderpussy, Karma to Burn or High on Fire. 

Their second album was released in 2010, entitled Leaving Paris. Their guitarist Sid Ahmed unfortunately dies before its release, which will give rise to a tribute concert, One Love Reunion, which will also include L’Esprit du Clan, Eibon and Es la Guerilla. While the band continues as a quartet after the departure of their guitarist, they are working on the next album. 

Hope///Dope///Rope will be released in 2012, and will lead to a European tour that will take Hangman’s Chair to Iceland, Germany and Belgium. In 2015, Hangman’s Chair signed This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive to the Music Fear Satan label. Banlieue Triste, the band’s latest album to date, was released in 2018 under the same label.

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