Gregory Privat / Sonny Troupé duo

Director: David Unger
Genre: Live Show


It is very simply that this young artist of 27 years, son of the pianist of Malavoi* presents his concept in collaboration with Sonny Troupé son also… Everything is said in the title, 2 instruments guide the concert: the piano and the Ka**, nothing else! 
 If the gwoka had already known happy marriages with jazz, in particular with Mr Schwarz-Bart, this new jazz look dressed with the Caribbean sound curves is a true delight for the ears and the spirit. An original project.
 A chase. An exchange without words. The language of the ka is linked to that of the piano. They understand each other, progress at the same pace, rhyme with the same rhythm. We don’t know who of the piano, who of the ka follows the other. For a moment, I find myself immersed in the universe of the léwoz***, the piano exults in its clearest notes and rips out of the Ka its lowest notes. Both answer each other, howl in agreement. The piano and the Ka fit together, overlapping to form an indivisible whole. Everything is played with them, in the last piece we find ourselves in a triptych of the most surprising: a mixture of Jazz, Biguine, Hip Hop raised by the sounds of Gwoka. An inner cacophony, we don’t know to which organ to cling. An ejaculation of styles!

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