Francesco Bearzatti – Suite pour Tina Modotti

Director: Giuseppe De Vecchi
Genre: Live Show


Jazz fans have a new icon to add to their cosmogony: the enigmatic photographer Tina Modotti (1896-1942). Her life has inspired novelists, poets and cartoonists, historians and political activists; today Tina lives again at the center of a musical creation that will be cited in jazz dictionaries.
 She will be listed under the name of one of the most innovative saxophonists of the European scene, Francesco Bearzatti.
 Francesco Bearzatti and Tina Modotti share the same regional origins (Friuli, North-East Italy) and a life that led them to expatriate and express themselves through art. Tina found in photography the space to love life but also to denounce oppression, to serve the cause of resistance and revolutions of her time.
 Tina confides to Francesco her dilemma of sharing between art and life; and the music brings us to hear this demanding call: Live!
 ” Art cannot exist without life, it is true; but in my case, life is always in struggle and art suffers from it” (1925)

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