Floorplan aka Lyrics & Robert

Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Behind Floorplan hides an atypical duo : the one formed by the DJ Robert Hood and his daughter, Lyric Hood. A “family” night at Nuits Sonores! Robert Hood is a techno legend. Alongside Jeff Mills and “Mad” Mike Banks, our man is indeed the father of the Underground Resistance collective, which combines since 1989 grunge aesthetics and political activism. Seven years after the birth of Underground Resistance and two years after the launch of the M-Plant label, Robert Hood created Floorplan, an originally solo project. It is indeed under this pseudonym that the artist releases from 1996 a handful of EPs, including the acclaimed Funky Souls. Floorplan then went into stasis for almost a decade before rising from its ashes at the turn of the 2010s. In the wake of this, the project became a duo: Lyric Hood decided to officially participate in the adventure after having made a few appearances during his father’s sets. With four hands, Lyric and Robert Hood build explosive tracks where house, disco, funk, soul and gospel are mixed in the most total joy. A euphoric call to dance that gave birth to the albums Paradise and Victorius. We discover the effects of the Hood touch on the audience of Nuits Sonores.

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