Fat White Family

Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


It was 2014, and we remember it like it was yesterday: the first performance by the Londoners of Fat White Family lived up to every hope.
In the middle of the day in blazing sunshine that made them look like wounded vampires, this ragged troupe played one of the year’s most riotous performances thanks to the subversive and dangerous songs which British rock throws up every now and then (from The Fall to Killing Joke). The destructive charisma of their singer Lias Saoudi was not an unfamiliar experience. Since then this golden family have released a second album, Song For Our Mothers, drifting towards unsettling psychedelia, and are expected to release its successor sometime this year. Their influence on a new generation of British groups (Goat Girl, Shame and others) is clear to see.

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