Elina Duni Quartet au Cosmo Jazz Festival

Director: Jeremiah
Genre: Live Show


Born in Tirana (Albania), Elina Duni emigrated to Switzerland at the age of 10 and studied piano, composition and singing. Her jazz, inspired by traditional Albanian, Greek, Romanian or Bulgarian songs, is one of the beautiful discoveries of the new European scene, and she is in the category of singers who embody a certain idea of globalization, like Susheela Raman, Yael Naim or Hindi Zahra. Except that Elina is deeply rooted in a jazz approach, with a voice-instrument giving free rein to her flights of fancy and thus escaping the formatted glamorous chirp of today’s fashion. One speaks of “voluptuousness in the ample vocalizations in the long course, vehement, powerful, but flirting with the evanescence, playing of the raw breath, the whisper, the sigh” (Telerama). A voice that hypnotizes, bewitches, and supported by jazz musicians anchored in their time, and making the music open up to new ways of marrying different influences.

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