Year: 2023
Director: Fabien Raymond
Genre: Live Show


We could probably write whole pages on Electro Deluxe, so many eras and styles has this French group traversed since its formation in the early 2000s. They started out as a quintet, with a variable geometry because they were always open to guests, proving right from their first records their talent for marrying sinuous post-bop melodies with the scratch of turntables, not without leaving plenty of room for vocals by regularly inviting vocalists from all horizons, from singer Ben L’Oncle Soul to rapper HKB Finn.
Since 2010, Electro Deluxe have been continuing their adventure alongside James Copley, an unforgettable showman with explosive, soulful vocals. Their sound has evolved into a bright, colourful jazz-soul, and their extensive touring schedule is testament to their ever-growing popularity.
So it’s only natural that they should be joined for this concert by three essential singers of the new generation: Canada’s Tanya Michelle and France’s Indy Eka and Cynthia Abraham, to revisit the repertoire of Electro Deluxe’s latest album, Apollo. Powered by a high-energy orchestra, all these voices promise a great moment of live music.

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