Year: 2023
Director: Gautier&Leduc
Genre: Live Show


After a three-year absence, UFO Django Django return to Ground Control with their fifth album, Off Planet.

The world of flying objects is divided in two: on the one hand those that have been identified, and on the other those that have not, the UFOs. Well, the same applies to musical objects: there are those that can be classified in a given genre, and the others. Django Django’s work falls into the latter category.

Formed in London in 2009 around Dave McLean and Vinny Neff, Django Django is a distillation of the countless influences of its founders. While always keeping one foot in club music, their compositions never shy away from indie rock, psychedelic or even breakbeat to create their own distinctive sound.

And it’s clear that the recipe works, because throughout their discography, Django Django have never given the impression of repeating themselves. In fact, McLean and Neff’s band are back in 2023 with a fifth album, Off Planet, more inspired than ever. A new unidentified discographic object of 21 tracks divided into 4 parts that they present to us on the Ground Control stage. Shall we take you aboard the saucer?

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