Daniel Mille Sextet invite Jean Louis Trintignant

Director: Josselin Carré
Genre: Live Show


“The virtuoso accordionist and brilliant composer was able to give the “readings” – Aragon, Apollinaire, Desnos, Vian, Prévert… – of the famous actor a very special “color” and an absolute relevance! 
 “Mille et Trintignant, it’s a tango that has been going on for more than ten years” wrote the Express. At the request of Europajazz, a festival in which Daniel Mille has often performed, the two partners have agreed to almost reverse the roles. Until now Daniel Mille “accompanied” Jean-Louis Trintignant, this time the words of Jean-Louis Trintignant on his usual repertoire – Vian, Desnos, Prévert… – will slip into the music of the sextet of the accordionist. 
 With this new project his usual sextet will become a septet!

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