Crossing the Night by Rachid Ouramdane

Director: Louise Narboni
Genre: Live Show


The uprooting, the difference and the elsewhere have always nourished the inspiration of Rachid Ouramdane, born in Nîmes in France of Algerian parents. Beyond his personal history, his new creation unravels this common thread through the figure of migrant children. Those who, at a very young age, are confronted with fleeing far from home, but also with the hope of a better future. The choreographer tries a project at child’s height. He went to gather the lived experience of those whose words he wants to “find an echo on stage”. For example, he has been seeing migrant children and other young people in the cities through which this project has been going for several months. This group of children, joined by artists, find themselves on stage to deal with this particular childhood, that of refugee children. Their journey will be evoked through two main motifs: water, echoing the tragic crossings of the Mediterranean, and landscapes, which draw unexpected connections between countries of origin and countries of adoption. On David Bowie, Brian Eno and Bob Dylan’s music.

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