Contact – Philippe Découflé

Director: Denis Caïozzi
Genre: Live Show


Philippe Decouflé is a creator of dreamlike metamorphoses, who finds inspiration in both high and popular culture and who dismantles accepted customs and mores through his use of the spectacular, the burlesque, and the bizarre. With Contact, he creates a musical and visual comedy, an irrational tale of our (super-)human passions. A troupe of sixteen dancers, actors, singers and musicians play upon our collective memory by putting together a musical. What are these artists up to? They talk about art, love, knowledge, the divine, and greed; they wonder about the meaning of good and evil; they explore the notion of universal dual existence by introducing Decouflé-esque absurdity and fantasy into Faustian romanticism. This is an appeal to the imagination and pure audience pleasure, where freedom rules, and where passion, fire, and fury sing aloud.

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