Cirque Le Roux

Director: Roberto Maria Grassi
Genre: Live Show


Deliciously retro, Cirque Le Roux puts on the burlesque to elegantly envelope a mysterious intrigue. As unobtrusive as a nose in the middle of the face, here is this elephant in the room, an unspeakable secret that is to be protected by four characters as intriguing as they are singular. Three dandies, a young bride and her share of mysteries, populate the salon straight out of a thirties film to become the place of the most improbable twists and the grave of false pretenders.

Cirque Le Roux, a reunion of four gifted artists, chooses glamour and eccentricity to dress up the acrobatic prowess of its first creation. The four acrobats master it all, from decor to costumes, and from the most perilous circus numbers to the slightest tremors of an intrigue which combines the eternal themes of love, friendship and the unsaid.

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