Chers – Kaori Ito

Director: Yvan Schreck
Genre: Live Show


Kaori Ito has invited dancers to write a letter to a loved one who has passed away. In the end, these letters will form only one, a danced letter. With this Japanese choreographer, the invisible takes shape and the intimacy of the six dancers is brought to light.

In a raw and intense dance, they address their ghosts. As if death could strike at any moment, they consume themselves, throwing themselves wholeheartedly on stage. A choreography about bonds and absence, explosive.

“I think you knew. And it’s as if I can still feel the vitality of your presence. Even today. I wish I had known the man you would have become. But I like this memory of you still young. It is as if you had chosen because you did not feel quite of this world.”

Delphine Lanson

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