Carl Craig

Director: David Ctiborsky
Genre: Live Show


An American producer of electronic music and jazz, Carl Craig is an undeniable worldwide techno star. Born in Detroit, from the 90s the artist dives into the breach opened by Derrick May and Juan Atkins. He published under numerous aliases – Paperclip People, BFC, Innerzone Orchestra … – before releasing in 1995 his first album in his name: Landcruising. Producer but also label manager (Planet E) and event organizer, Carl Craig has profoundly influenced techno, jungle and drum’n’bass. A legendary status also provided by maxi cults such as The Climax.

For this live event, he reinterprets the album “Modular Pursuits,” released in 2010 under the stage name No Boundaries. This rare event highlights his virtuosity with modular synthesizers and capacity for breaking musical moulds.

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