Benjamin Epps

Year: 2021
Director: Adeline Chahin
Genre: Live Show


Against the current of the mainstream scene, Benjamin Epps revives the New York style with pure rap and music that draws from jazz and soul. Originally from Gabon, Benjamin started rapping when he was only ten years old. He feeds both clashes with his schoolmates and the “oldschool” rap that his brothers listened to to build his style. Navigating between egotrip and more melancholic personal tracks, the young MC knew, over the years, how to make his way with killer punchlines and alliterations. He also knows how to cultivate his differences, by fully assuming his “old school” influences and a voice higher than those of most rappers. In 2020, he released his first EP “Le Futur” and the video clip of “Kennedy en 2005”, praised by the critics and his peers. Only a few months later, he released the project “Fantôme avec chauffeur”, on which he collaborated with the producer Le chroniqueur sale. With the titles “Notorious”, “Goom” or “Dieu bénisse les enfants”, he shows the extent of his talents. On the stage of the Pelpass festival, he proves once again that he is not “a trend” but “a phenomenon”.

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