Being Human Being feat. Enki Bilal, Erik Truffaz and Murcof

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


Erik Truffaz is not only one of the most influential trumpet players of electronic jazz. He is also a musician in love with unusual human and artistic encounters. It is therefore not surprising to find him surrounded by Murcof, a Mexican composer of electro / ambient music, and Dominique Mahut, the percussionist of a
“thousand instruments”, Jacques Higelin or Jean-Michel Jarre. From an
assembly of drawings and paintings of Enki Bilal, one of the
greatest names of contemporary comics, “Being
Human Being” traces the journey of humanity, birth and expansion, to an invented disappearance and renaissance.
While Enki Bilal himself comes from his touchscreen console to act on the proposed visual, the trio imagine an improvised soundtrack, opportunity for the designer to interact with the musicians. A unique visual concert that immerses the viewer in a half-dream half-realistic world.
Ludovic Florin.

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