Baptiste Trotignon & Bojan Z

Year: 2012
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show

The mere mention of these two names already conjures up a vast imagination. Face to face, back to back, hand in hand or all three at the same time, we know from the outset that the atypical pasodoble in which the Serbian pianist and his French accomplice will launch themselves will be done, without a net, on the taut cable of a total, elusive improvisation. Their respective baggage, solid and virtuoso, is only a pretext to tell, always and again, to narrate, more than ever, the palpable as the inexpressible. And if each one, quite distinctly, proved in solitary how he tamed his own keyboard, their meeting of one evening will not have the appearance of a game of ping-pong powder to the eyes but rather of a conversation between true creators, between unpredictable and fascinating architects