Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Live Show


Meet the madness of the group Bagarre at the Vieilles Charrues 2022! 

They don’t fit in any box. The 5 members of the group Bagarre excel in several musical styles such as pop, rock, rap and even club music. Beyond the rhythmic, the texts are not to be put aside, so much they are claiming, sharpened and powerful. To put it simply, Bagarre is music to talk and dance to. After two EPs as a calling card, the Bagarre collective gave birth to two albums, “Club 12345” in 2018 and “2019-2019” in 2019, carried by tracks and by colorful, vintage clips with sleek looks. In concert, the group triggers pogos in a collective and saving hysteria that feels good. No doubt that the stage beasts of Bagarre are likely to set fire to this edition of Vieilles Charrues!

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