Avishaï Cohen banda “Iroko”

Year: 2023
Director: Valentine Gautier
Genre: Live Show


For over twenty-five years, Avishai Cohen has captivated the jazz world, from New York to Lyon City. With finesse, he frees himself from pre-established categories and boundaries, adopting a singular musical approach whose fleetingness touches and fascinates. His new project, “Iroko”, in collaboration with Abraham Rodriguez Jr., is both hushed and light-hearted, creating a blissful nostalgia. This delicate alliance of voices between the master of Afro-Caribbean music and Avishai’s strings is placed under the sign of tradition. The two men draw on the symbol of the iroko, a ritual tree in certain West African cultures that is sometimes venerated, sometimes feared, to infuse their gentle melodies with a symbolic dimension.

In a similar vein, Le Cri du Caire and Médéric Collignon open the evening with a voyage of initiation, between saxophone, Sufi chant and musical trance. An evening that promises a breath of freedom!

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