Attica Blues – 40 years later…

Director: Lola Frederich, Martin Sarrazac
Genre: Documentary


In 1972, Archie Shepp, jazz legend, wrote his masterpiece, Attica Blues, in response to the riots in Attica Prison. After the killing of Black Panther George Jackson in San Quentin prison, a mutiny is organized to that of Attica, in New York against the conditions of prisoners’ detention and guards’ racism. The riots cause 39 deaths. The following year, Archie Shepp, engaged saxophonist, pays tribute to the insurgents in a grandiose album, mixing blues and funk, soul and jazz. Exactly forty years later, Archie Shepp, with a new big band at his side, revisits his Attica Blues, timeless and poignant, at the Cité de la Musique. This famous champion of free jazz at least as much as fighting African Americans for equality as all facets of black music with what could almost be considered a modern opera. A 75-year-old, who has worked with the biggest (John Coltrane, Chet Baker …) and through 50 years at the forefront of jazz is still inhabited, his playing always energetic, and his touch delicate. A great man, who speaks with his guts.

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