& Code Ensemble

Director: Aelred Nils, David Ctiborsky
Genre: Live Show


A thick mystery has long hovered around ALA.NI. An album and a few concerts later, we now know a little more about one of the most beautiful revelations of 2015.

It all started late 2014 with the launch of the song Suddenly. A single followed by four EP ingrained to the rhythm of the seasons (You & I: Spring, You & I: Summer, You & I: Automn and You & I: Winter). Publications by the number that helped to fully appreciate these timeless songs, carried by a sweet and melancholic voice. Earlier this year, these were condensed into a single album: You & I.

Between smoky music hall and folk twilight, ALA.NI takes us into a universe worthy of Judy Garland and Billie Holiday. Musical colors inherited by her great-uncle – Leslie Hutchinson, star of the interwar period – and encouraged by Damon Albarn. It is indeed thanks to the eccentric Brit that we got the outbreak of the singer, initially a backing singer for Blur and Mary J. Blige before taking front stage.

For this private concert, is joined by the whole Code ensemble in the sumptuous Hall of Columns of the Palace of Fontainebleau.

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