St Matthew Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach by Les Talens Lyriques and Christophe Rousset

Genre: Live Show


For this 10th anniversary edition, Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion is given a boost by the energy of Les Talens Lyriques, an ensemble specialising in the Baroque vocal repertoire.

Founded and directed by Christophe Rousset, the ensemble regularly performs on all five continents.

Invited to Aix for the second time, they perform the second and most majestic of the two passions composed by Bach, which narrates the last hours of Christ’s life. Virtuoso arias by vocal soloists, sung narratives and large choral and orchestral sections, appropriate for moments of collective fervour, follow one another.

Surrounded by a host of exceptional solo voices, supported by the Namur Chamber Choir, Christophe Rousset restores the generous and pathetic, tender and vehement spirit of this fresco, which he gives the soul of a true sacred opera.

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