The Lady of the Camellias

Year: 2021
Genre: Live Show


The Lady of the Camellias is a fictional piece by Alexandre Dumas Fils that inspired La Traviata. It tells the story of the slow death of Marguerite Gautier, a prostitute sacrificed on the altar of decency, hypocrisy and arrogance b men who, disliking or despising her, never cease to make her suffer. Played by the moving Marie-Sophie Ferdane (who will be seen again in Songs from Waskaganish), the courtesan will die of tuberculosis. During her brief time on earth, she has known the best and the worst: the mad love and then the deadly jealousy of her lover Armand. Enclosed in a blood-red stage cut in panoramic format, Arthur Nauzyciel’s staging is sensual, sometimes feverish, sometimes meditative. In collaboration with choreographer Damien Jalet, the artist signs an ardent show that wanders from the sentimental to the tragic. A performance that combines voices, images, narration and dialogue to the point of vertigo to form a hypnotic, almost kinesthetic continuum.

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