Proust, the concert recaptured

Director: Julien Cadilhac
Genre: Live Show


Enjoy an intimate concert with violinist Théotime Langlois de Swarte and pianist Tanguy de Williencourt in the heart of the Music Museum of the Philharmonie de Paris, which takes us back to the Ritz in 1907 and to the roots of French music, during an evening organized by Proust for his friends. The program, with passages read by Michel Fau from Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”, includes musical works by Fauré, Hahn, Chopin, Schumann, Listz, Couperin…


-Presentation (02:02)

– Reynaldo Hahn
A Chloris [version for violin and piano] (03:06)

– Frédéric Chopin
Prelude No. 15 in D flat, from “24 Preludes op.28” (05:49)

– Gabriel Fauré
Sonata for violin and piano No. 1, op. 13: Andante (07:19)

-Marcel Proust
Narration : The little phrase of the Vinteuil sonata, extract from “Du côté de chez Swan” (02:35)

– Gabriel Fauré
Sonata for violin and piano no. 1, op. 13 : Andante (05:03)

– Marcel Proust
Narration : Fauré’s sonata played by M. de Charlus and Morel, extract from “Sodom and Gomorrah” (03:02)

– Gabriel Fauré
Lullaby, op. 16 (03:37)

– Gabriel Fauré
Three melodies, op. 7 (no. 1) [version for violin and piano]: Après un rêve (02:24)

– Franz Liszt 
  Richard Wagner
The Death of Isolde from Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde, S 447 (06:50)

-Marcel Proust
Narration : The death of Isolde, extract from “Brouillons, Cahier n° 14”

-Franz Liszt
Robert Schumann
Marcel Proust
Fantasiestücke, op. 12 (no. 1) : Des Abends (03:30)

-Marcel Proust
Narration : Vinteuil’s Septet played at the Verdurins, extract from “La Prisonnière

-François Couperin
Second book of harpsichord pieces (Order n° 6, n° 5) : The Mysterious Barricades (02:11)

– Narration (00:55)

-Reynaldo Hahn
7 Chansons grises (No. 5) [version for violin and piano] : L’heure exquise

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