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Ensiferum is a collective of five Finnish musicians. Markus Toivonen, guitarist and vocalist of the band, is the only founding member who is still part of this adventure. He is currently accompanied by Petri Lindroos on second guitar, Sami Hinkka on bass, Janne Parviainen on drums and Pekka Montin on keyboard.
Since 1995, they have been playing epic-sounding folk metal music. Each member uses his vocal chords to offer a mixture of voices that oscillates between clear and raucous singing. These traditional songs are accompanied by furious guitar riffs and acoustic instruments. They composed their self-titled debut album in 2001 under the Finnish independent metal label Spinefarm Records. Between 2004 and 2017, six more albums were added to their discography. In 2020, with the thematic album “Thalassic”, they propose a new musical approach. It is the water and the seaside that they choose as the red thread of their compositions. The keyboard player Pekka Montin joins the band this same year. This clever mix of folk instruments and electric guitars will be discovered during this new edition of Hellfest.

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