Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Live Show


Shaârghot inaugurates the Saturday morning temple at Hellfest. The quartet delivers a heavy and metallic show, full of bass and massive electro sounds.
The band is composed of the singer Etienne Bianchi, the guitarist Brun’o Klose, the bassist Clemence Clemx Dufieux, and Olivier Hurtu on drums.
Their first project Mad Party, was born in 2013. Under their mischievous air, a part of shadow sleeps: they contemplate with joy, the chaos that reigns on this planet Earth.
Their first album “Vol.1”, released in 2015 introduces us to the genesis of the characters and this universe. The
The second album, The Advent Of Shadows, is more narrative and makes the story evolve around political issues and the problems of governance of this futuristic city.
This apocalyptic universe is not only virtual, it extends on stage through the musicians who offer us a real visual experience that accompanies their songs that accompanies their songs classified as electro metal indus.

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