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The 7 Fingers: Passengers

The 7 Fingers: Passengers

In production – available for coproduction or prebuy
Genre: Circus

Shooting dates: 30th November & 1st December 2021 – Paris

Departure vs. transit vs. arrival. Chance vs. choice vs. destiny. Stillness vs. acceleration. Reflection vs. transparency. Familiar vs. foreign. Private vs. public. Confinement vs. border-crossing. Bright headlights vs. tunnel-darkness. Past vs. future…

Our fascination with trains is both a nostalgic one — dreams of another era, another land — and a symbolic one: life happens along this track of sorts, twisting and turning through valleys and plains. Our reasons for leaving may differ but we are joined in a moment of suspended limbo between two lives, as we say goodbye to one and prepare for another.

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