Year: 2013
Genre: Live Show

MIXATAC #2 ESSAOUIRA is the second part of the collection of musical encounters signed by the Marsatac festival to accompany, in music, the cultural dynamics of Marseille-Provence 2013.
After the original mix between Mandingo music and electronic rhythms (embodied by volume #1 Bamako), it is now the electro-rock of the Marseille-based trio Nasser that sets out to assault Moroccan musical culture through a double encounter with traditional Gnaoua music and the ardor of the new hip-hop scene. The result: rich instrumentals, where keyboards, drums, guitars and the sometimes dark, sometimes energetic universe of Simon Henner, Romain Chicha and Nicolas Viegeolat offer a sound setting for the vocal flights of the four Moroccans.

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