Bibi Tanga & The Selenites

Year: 2014
Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


Originally from Bangui in Central Africa, Bibi grew up between two continents and several musical cultures. Attracted by the groove in all its forms, funk, jazz or Afrobeat, Bibi Tanga converges in his music its different influences. After “Yellow Gauze” in 2007 and “Dunya” in 2009, unanimously acclaimed by the public and critics, he released in 2012 “40° of sunshine”, accompanied by a group of sweet illuminated, inhabitants of the Moon, The Selenites. On this 3rd album, the five men become tightrope walkers walking on a thread with several strands, tightly braided between rock, electro and funk, between English and sango. Elegant, the tie and the hat in the wind, the men of the Moon, armed with violin, keyboards, guitars, bass, turntables, continue their exploration and return with a promising opus that came out in early 2014.

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