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Urban Dance / Right in the Hood 2015

Through cross portraits of young dancers and two cities – New York and Paris – this documentary questions what urban dance is today: the places, the actors, the common points and the differences.

By exploring two cities, one the birthplace of the movement, the other crossroads of the new trends, we will discover how street dance has evolved to become a real tool of expression of the difference and of one’s self-worth not forgetting the revolt it imposes sometimes, facing the authorities.It reflects vividly the speed in which the city, which is its laboratory, builds and spreads. It has therefore become one of the fastest growing practices, but also a symbol, an advantage, an opportunity to succeed in life without giving up the protest.Urban Dance, has it become a tool of expression to overcome social boundaries and of the genre? Can it forge an individual or collective identity? Can it have an impact on the social life of the dancer?

Genre: Documentary / Dance / Performing arts
Director: Azzurra Lugari
Duration: 52 minutes
Format: HD

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Sounds of Tucson 2015

Like Detroit, Seattle and Manchester, Tucson, Arizona is now the city from which emerges a new musical breath.

At the crossroads between the excitement of South America and raw rock of the USA, between east and west, the city led by Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) and Joey Burns (Calexico) was able to open up to many musicians and now generates an abundance of new sounds. 
The film is a journey into this new musical Eldorado. 
With: Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Joey Burns (Calexico), Billy Sedlmayr, Al Foul, Gabriel Sullivan, Brian Lopez, Pork Torta, Tom Walbank, The Mariachi Luz de Luna…

Genre: Documentary / Rock
Director: Guillaume Dore
Duration: 63 minutes
Format: HD

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Django’s Children 2011

Gypsy music is the music of travel, with all the unforeseen things that it entails, adventure and freedom.

No other music expresses so strongly that feeling of uprooting and culture shock that is so closely linked to the history of Manush, from Romanies, Gypsies, Tziganes, of these people called “The traveling people”. “People” whose attitude is the opposite of indexed values of our society: conformism, standard, profitability, propriety and all values in the CAC 40. This is the journey that will be the thread of the film. The journey of five musicians decided to meet on a Le Mans stage to play without any preconceived ideas until late into the night to leave the next morning for new adventures, new meetings. This concert being nothing more than a step, a simple step on this long road that leads from life to death, like the life of Django Reinhardt their spiritual father.

Genre: Documentary / Jazz / World
Director: Frank Cassenti
Duration: 61 minutes
Format: HD

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KADER ATTOU – The Roots – Stage on screen 2013

For this new 2013 opus, Kader Attou delves into his past and searches his body memory alongside eleven dancers, to the rhythm of visceral beats, classical compositions, accordion and Algerian tunes.

In The Roots, the choreographer and director of the Centre Choréographique de La Rochelle, Kader Attou, looks into the history of hip-hop dance and draws from it a show that is as powerful as it is sensitive. After twenty years in the Accrorap Company, enriched by various cultures as different as those of India and Brazil, Kader Attou wanted to return to his primary sensations. The Roots is first and foremost a human adventure, a journey. Eleven talented hip-hop dancers are at the heart of the show: they create a group in complete symbiosis, at ease with group dance as they are with solos. They are tied to each other by a soundtrack with highly evocative power. Brahms, Beethoven as well as electro music open doors to this dancing humanity. Staging soaring and dancing bodies, poetics of the movement, Kader Attou keeps on exploring a dance always turned to meaning and emotion. A humanistic vision of dance.

Genre: Dance / Performing arts
Director: Jean-Marc Birraux
Duration: 91 minutes
Format: HD

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The Rodin Project / Russell Maliphant – Stage on screen 2012

A ballet created by Maliphant, one of the leaders of the English choreographic wave, and inspired by the sculptures of Auguste Rodin. The story of the encounter between a genius of shapes and forms and a master of the movement.

Le Projet Rodin is more than a tribute. Russell Maliphant explains: “I want to use Rodin’s watercolors and sculptures as a starting point, dividing the performance into two sections: the drawings and the sculpture . But without literally “doing as Rodin” on a stage. It is the energy of his shapes, twists that inspire me. I think there is a sense of movement in the sculptor’s strength that can be captured. And instead of a two-dimensional work, dance can give it a third one “.

Genre: Dance / Performing arts
Director: Luc Riolon
Duration: 69 minutes
Format: HD

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The young girl and death – THOMAS LEBRUN – Stage on screen 2012

La jeune fille et la mort can be considered as a reflection and a fresh look on romanticism in today’s society and choreographic art.

La jeune fille et la mort is a new step in Thomas Lebrun’s career. The play is based on Schubert’s works, performed by a string quartet on stage. The movements of the musicians accompany the dancers’; their presence, their physical intensity as well as their instruments respond to those of the performers.

The eclectic team chosen by the choreographer does not care for age difference: seven performers with a rich background, various artistic identities; four decades are represented here for this face to face with time.

Genre: Dance / Performing arts
Director: Charles Picq
Duration: 56 minutes
Format: HD

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