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Bâtiment B 2022 collection

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The rapper Prince Waly makes his entrance in the Bâtiment B alongside Oxmo Puccino.

Three years after the release of the powerful EP “BO YZ”, the MC from Montreuil signs a smashing return this year with his track “Walygator”. Through his old school universe and his charismatic flow, Prince Waly proves that he is ready to reign on the French rap scene. See you in the hall of Bâtiment B to discover him live!

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap
Duration: 48′
Format: HD

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Nu Civilisation Orchestra Presents Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”

The best hopes of the young British jazz scene gather to celebrate the half-century of Marvin Gaye’s masterpiece, What’s Going On, within the Nu Civilisation Orchestra. More than twenty musicians for a contemporary reinterpretation of a soul classic.

Released in 1971 by a Marvin Gaye then in the grip of depression, What’s Going On is one of the greatest masterpieces of 20th century popular music. Produced by the singer himself, conceived as a cycle of nine richly orchestrated songs with the appearance of a humanist and committed manifesto, the album evokes – as a backlash against the Vietnam War – issues related to ecology, drugs and poverty. A commitment and questions that still resonate today with a particular acuity, even more so when the musicians of the Nu Civilisation Orchestra get hold of them. At the origin of this project, there is the association Tomorrow’s Warriors, a movement of artistic and popular education centered on jazz, founded in 1991 to promote diversity and integration of young artists, especially those from the African diaspora. From the ranks of Tomorrow’s Warriors have emerged some of the most exciting musicians of the new London jazz scene, such as Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd and Zara McFarlane. Since 2008, the Nu Civilisation Orchestra has been bringing together these young talents to perform new interpretations of classics such as Charles Mingus’ The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady or Joni Mitchell’s Hejira. And What’s Going On today, with a prelude of some tracks from another Marvin Gaye album, Trouble Man.

Genre: Soul
Director:Thierry Villeneuve
Duration: 100′
Format: HD

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Scary Goldings feat. John Scofield, Louis Cole, MonoNeon, Larry Goldings, Scary Pockets – Knower

Double dose of Louis Cole with a performance of his electro project Knower and then his participation in the fantastic supergroup Scary Goldings, a trip to the sources of the most torrid funk, organized by the duo Scary Pockets and the organist Larry Goldings. Two sides of the most danceable groove.

After a very noticeable appearance at the 2018 edition of Jazz à la Villette, where the group performed as a quartet to make its crazy electro-pop flights of fancy resonate, never far from a modern and colorful funk, Knower returns this year as a duo. The multi-talented Louis Cole (keyboards and drums) and Geneviève Artadi (vocals) will be at the heart of a visually stunning show, to revisit the tracks from the four albums released since Knower’s formation in the late 2000s, in the wake of their jazz studies in California. With their musical friendships, visual ambitions and humor, their mastery of codes and a taste for borderless modernity, the two musicians are emblematic of a turbulent and inventive Los Angeles scene.

Scary Goldings is above all the joy of coming together around a vision of funk firmly rooted in the wake of 1960s soul and rhythm and blues, a taste for collective play that sounds like a return to the basics. Imagined in 2018 by guitarist Ryan Lerman and keyboardist Jack Conte (souls of the band Scary Pockets) with organist Larry Goldings, this supergroup federates new musicians over the years and albums. Released last year, the aptly named Scary Goldings IV features legendary guitarist John Scofield, bassist MonoNeon and Louis Cole on drums. A great crowd on the stage of the Grande Halle for this first European concert of Scary Goldings, a high-flying moment both incandescent and relaxed, between friendly complicity and bluffing technicality. Beware, think of hydrating yourself well.

Genre: Jazz Funk
Director: Célidja Pornon
Duration: 92′
Format: HD

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Roberto Fonseca “La Gran Diversión”

Upcoming October 2022

Faithful to Jazz à la Villette festival, pianist Roberto Fonseca offers this year an exceptional project, a reinvention of the Cuban Cabin, the mythical Montmartre cabaret of the 1930s. An invitation to dance to the sound of intoxicating classics from the Roaring Twenties in Cuba.

If the name of Roberto Fonseca is today synonymous with the renewal of Cuban music open to the four winds, from hip-hop to electronic music through soul or funk, the pianist is no less attached to the extraordinary heritage of the island. It is besides within the mythical Buena Vista Social Club that we could discover him during the first half of the 2000s. Today, it is towards the golden age of the Cuban music that the pianist turns by restoring the decor and the bubbling atmosphere of the Cabane, cabaret where all Paris of the 1930s came to dance the mambo, rumba or salsa. A journey through time, festive and immersive, in which the public is invited to participate, as a rendezvous given to swing, dance and sensuality, at a time when the need is felt every day.

Genre: Latin Jazz

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Malted Milk

In its current formula, the most fearsome soul band of the continent is a real war machine. Malted Milk recently celebrated 20 years of career in a Stereolux full of overexcited fans.

We can’t help but admire how far the band has come since the days when they were just a very rootsy blues duo. As they have grown, Malted Milk has gradually moved into the territory of Afro-American soul until they have found a perfect alchemy in recent years. The band distinguishes itself from other European groups that hunt on the same grounds by its ability to escape the copy syndrome. By its creativity, it proposes to the soul new horizons while remaining faithful to the original southern imaginary.

100% malted milk full of funk, brassy riffs, guitar flights, nervous bass lines and organ blasts. The collaboration with American singer Toni Green on the project “Milk and Green”, presented at Les Escales in 2015, opened the doors of the biggest European festivals for them! Get ready for the return of the French soul funk blues bomb!

Genre: Soul, Funk
Director: Guillaume Dero
Duration: 52′
Format: 4K

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The Kenny Garrett Quintet

Appearing in the early 1980s at a time when some of jazz was refocusing on some of its historic values, Kenny Garrett was the first to show, through the dramatic intensity of his playing, that the alto could once again compete with the tenor saxophone, the instrument par excellence of the quest for jazz since John Coltrane, a musician whose influence he loudly and clearly claims.

“Sounds from the Ancestors” his latest album, reflects the rich history of jazz, R&B and gospel music from the saxophonist’s hometown of Detroit. But more importantly, it also has a modern cosmopolitan vibe, including music from France, Cuba, Nigeria and Guadeloupe.

Genre: Jazz
Director: Guillaume Dero
Duration: 74′
Format: HD

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