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Discover the dark and melancholic universe of Mansfield.TYA during the festival Les Vieilles Charrues 2022!

Mansfield.TYA, the shocking female pop folk duo, composed of Carla Pallone and Julia Lanoë (aka Rebeka Warrior), has a melancholic universe, often very dark and sometimes raging. A universe that reminds as much Cat Power as Shannon Wright or Tom Waits. Too often put in the basket of the “new French song”, Mansfield.TYA possesses influences much wider and more innovative than the official representatives of this style. Navigating in the language of Molière and that of Shakespeare, Mansfield.TYA combines worked texts with melodies calling upon registers in which few French artists dare to venture.

Genre: Pop / Folk
Director: Laurent Hasse
Duration: 72′
Format: HD

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Meet the madness of the group Bagarre at the Vieilles Charrues 2022!

They don’t fit in any box. The 5 members of the group Bagarre excel in several musical styles such as pop, rock, rap and even club music. Beyond the rhythmic, the texts are not to be put aside, so much they are claiming, sharpened and powerful. To put it simply, Bagarre is music to talk and dance to. After two EPs as a calling card, the Bagarre collective gave birth to two albums, “Club 12345” in 2018 and “2019-2019” in 2019, carried by tracks and by colorful, vintage clips with sleek looks. In concert, the group triggers pogos in a collective and saving hysteria that feels good. No doubt that the stage beasts of Bagarre are likely to set fire to this edition of Vieilles Charrues!

Genre: Pop / Rock / Rap
Director: Samuel Petit
Duration: 76′
Format: HD

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Laura Perrudin & Louis Winsberg

A jazz guitar with flamenco inspirations associated with the softness of a harp, quite a program!

One side we have Louis Winsberg, one of the most renowned guitarists of the French scene, founder of the jazz fusion group Sixun in the 80’s, then of the flamenco-jazz group Jaleo. And on the other hand, Laura Perrudin, young harpist and singer, who for a few years now, has been impressing with her universe at the crossroads of jazz, folk, electro and soul.

Two generations, two exceptional artists, driven by a common passion for the musical encounter. Together they offer an extraordinary concert, a pure happiness on stage, speaking to the heart of everyone.

Genre: Jazz
Director: Luc Riolon
Duration: 48′
Format: HD

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The Fearless Flyers

The Fearless Flyers and their funk loops perform for the first time on a French stage! Unstoppable groove and incisive riffs on the menu for this supergroup!

They all have absolute confidence in this simple magic formula: a formidable rhythm section, three guitarists with a killer groove and a few microphones to capture tracks that are as short as they are irresistible. Composed of the band Vulfpeck and accompanied by Cory Wong, Joe Dart, Nate Smith and Mark Lettieri, the side project “Fearless Flyers” looks great!

These great musicians offer to the public a nervous sound for a condensed funk with the appearance of a dancing machine. So don’t delay and join the movement!

Genre: Jazz / Funk
Director: Emilie Prouteau
Duration: 77′
Format: HD

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Pete Doherty & Frédéric Lo Live at Le Trianon

For his latest project, Peter Doherty (The Libertines, Babyshambles, Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres) has teamed up with Frédéric Lo, a guitarist and composer known for his work with Daniel Darc on the album Crèvecœur. Lo originally wanted to offer him to cover a track of Darc “Useless and Out of Use”: their collaboration will finally result in a whole album.

On this new opus The Fantasy Life Of Poetry And Crime (out March 18), inspired in part by Etretat and its famous Arsène Lupin, the lockdown, and its new sobriety, Peter writes the lyrics (and sings them), Frédéric the music (and plays it). They are accompanied by various members of Puta Madres and Babyshambles on the stage of Le Trianon.

Genre: Folk
Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Duration: 83′
Format: HD

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The Story of NTM

NTM is the story of a legend. That of an artistic collective from the poorest department in France where dance, graffiti and hip-hop were mixed. With time, they were able to find and create a style, both in music, samples and texts, until they became the kings of hip-hop in France. Even the Wu Tang Clan, with whom they shared the stage in 1997, bowed to their power. But it is also the story of young rebels with a strong and explosive discourse, who knew how to ignore caricatures and trace their artistic, media and quasi-political path to become literally cult.

Genre: Documentary, Rap Hip Hop
Director: Florian Lefebvre
Duration: 89′
Format: HD

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